Why would I want to use qurl.com?
URLs (web addresses) are getting longer and longer - especially those for specific news articles, products on shopping sites and blog postings. This makes them time consuming to type (and potentially get wrong) and increasingly likely to 'break' by being split across two lines if you paste them into an email to send to a friend. Qurl.com creates links that are short, won't break and easy to jot down. If you spend a couple of seconds registering on the site you can also track how many people click through your qurls, and change the sites they link through to. You can also password protect your qurl, so that you can control the people who are able to click through on it.

Aren't there other sites that do this already?
There are indeed, but qurl.com has the benefit of a shorter URL itself than most, which is all part of the point, and we've already got various unique features. We're also committed to launching several more, which are already in development and will offer users many significant benefits.

Who is behind qurl.com?
Qurl is a collaboration between Thoughtplay the company behind such sites as whatshouldireadnext.com and whoshouldyouvotefor.com and Blue Compass Ltd the company behind mandy.com

Why are you running qurl.com?
Primarily we see qurl as providing a useful social online function for free - an ethos that is key to both partners in this venture. If the site proves successful then we might look to offer low cost premium services, but for standard users the site will always remain free to use.

What will you do with my email address if I register?
We take the privacy of our users very seriously - your email address will not be shared with any third parties. If you select the option we will email you when someone clicks through on your qurl, otherwise we will only email you with (infrequent) details of site updates and the performance of your qurl base.

Are there any limitations on the sites I can link through to using qurl.com?
We do not allow users to use qurl in a spam mailing - or to link to pornography or anything of an illegal nature. If a user attempts this their qurl will instantly be redirected to a more charitable cause. If you discover a qurl that has slipped through our net and been used in this fashion, it would be great if you could contact us to let us know.

I have received a spam email containing a Qurl.com address
If you have received spam email containing a qurl.com address, it was NOT sent by qurl.com - please contact the original sender of the mail. We work hard to prevent misuse of this site and will terminate all accounts used to send spam. If you have received spam, please give us details of the qurl code used in the email and we will take what action we can.

What is the different between public and private qurls?
Public qurls appear in our lists of recently created/most popular qurls, private qurls don't, and are for your use only.

Why do you show recently created/most popular qurls?
We think that people will be interested seeing what sites are popular - it's a way of serendipitously discovering interesting sites you might not have heard of. In the longer term we are planning further features which will enable you to search for popular qurls according to the type of site they link to.

What's all this about pictures?
Qurl also allow you to host pictures (up to 400 pixels each way), giving you a short and snappy URL to them for your friends; you can even tag images with descriptions, so other people can find your public images according to what they show.