Help using Qurl

Qurl is a free service, designed to make posting long URLs easier.

The commonest use of the qurl is to shorten a cumbersome url into a much shorter and easier to remember url which won't 'break' when incorporated into an email as a link.

Public v Private

By default Qurls are public. This means they may appear in our public pages.

If your Qurl contains something of a private nature, e.g. a link to your site stats page or an invite to a private party we suggest you use the 'private option' to ensure the qurl is not displayed in the public lists.

Advanced Options

Qurl has been designed to allow you to setup a Qurl as quickly and effortlessly as possible, however, for the more advanced or curious users we also give you the opportunity to access 'advanced' options.

These advanced options allow you to track Qurl usage, monitor referrals, change where a Qurl points to and password protect Qurls.

Our package of advanced utilities, all provided entirely free, mean you can really do some powerful things with Qurl.


It is an unfortunate fact that spammers have, from time to time, used qurl to hide their evil schemes from spam cops, and mail filters.

Here at Qurl we detest such actions. So if you ever notice a spammer using qurl to promote their product please inform us and we will immediate turn off the qurl and block the user from our system.